Cuban Artist Emilio Sanchez Honored at SNITE Museum

Cuban Artist Emilio Sanchez Honored at SNITE Museum. -2021 was a great year for the late Emilio Sanchez. His legacy was honored with a collection of stamps from USPS. Currently, the SNITE Museum of Art at Notre Dame University is showcasing 144 …read more

Maria Lino Explores Cuban Heritage in Migrating Clotheslines

Maria Lino Explores Cuban Heritage in Migrating Clotheslines..- An image of her grandmother hanging up clothes to dry inspired Cuban artist Maria Lino's recent exhibition Migrating Clotheslines. The multidisciplinary showcase was on view at …read more

Pablo Cano in the Art of Assemblage at NSU

Pablo Cano is in the The Art of Assemblage at NSU. The assemblage of discarded pieces often makes for great art. So much is this a common practice that one of the latest exhibits at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Museum of Art is showcasing …read more

NFTs of Amelia Pelaez works

The Amelia Pelaez Foundation is launching Amelias NFT (Non Fungible Token) presenting a digital collection of Amelia Pelaez’ works, the originals of which were confiscated by the Cuban government. This is an opportunity to be a part of …read more

Cuban American Artists in Photography Exhibit at NSU

Life is full of magical moments. Photographing the Fantastic celebrates life's fantastic elements with photography. The various artworks in this exhibition are from Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Art Museum's extensive collection. Included in …read more

Pedro Vizcaíno in Common Space from Oolite Arts

Oolite Arts Miami Beach latest art exhibit Common Space features Pedro Vizcaino and Ernesto Oroza. The artists in the show are from New York, Miami and Chicago. They all reenvision social hierarchical spaces within the realm of art. Meaning, …read more

CINTAS Supports Cuban born Artists – 2021 Awards

The Cintas foundation has supported the development of Cuban art for the last 50 years, promoting the professional development of artists and the continuity of Cuban traditions in art. Cintas foundation supports accomplishments and excellence in …read more

Agustín Fernández Solo Show in NYC

Agustín Fernández Solo Show in NYC. -Get seduced into lingering on the border of visual perception. Agustín Fernández: Drawings and Collages (1960s–1980s) invites viewers to explore the underlying questions at the root of vision. The …read more

Cuban-born Artist Carlos Caballero Grows His Vocabulary

Some artists create a visual vocabulary through their artwork, integrating symbols and signs with meaning. Cuban-born artist Carlos Caballero is one of these alphabet makers. In his latest solo exhibition / intervention / work in situ, the radical …read more

Agustín Fernández and Mario Bencomo in Latin Parade at Anita Shapolsky Gallery

Agustín Fernández and Mario Bencomo in Latin Parade at Anita Shapolsky Gallery.. Latin Parade at the Anita Shapolsky Gallery. The art gallery is well know for its exhibits on abstract expressionist art. In Latin Parade, the gallery brings …read more