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Jorge Pardo Speaks at ICA, Miami

Friday, March 18, 2016 7pm

Palm Court
140 NE 39th St
Miami Design District
Miami, FL 33137

ICA Speaks: Jorge Pardo will take place at Palm Court in partnership with the Miami Design District.

The Institute of Contemporary Art presents ICA Speaks, a series of lectures highlighting artists from the museum’s permanent collection. ICA Miami welcomes Jorge Pardo, a sculptor whose body of work reflects the complex relationships between architecture, sculpture, design, painting, and drawing.

Jorge Pardo (b. 1963, Havana, Cuba) frequently blurs the lines that separate disciplines, presenting a fundamental challenge to the relationship between artwork and viewer. Characterized by this dynamic interaction, Pardo’s oeuvre invites audience expectations to define the way which each work is perceived and interpreted

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Jorge Pardo in group show Contemporary/Modern: Selections from the Permanent Collection at Santa Barbara Museum of Art

August 31, 2014 – January 4, 2015

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
1130 State Street
Santa Barbara, California 

Contemporary/Modern brings together a selection of significant painting and sculpture from the Museum’s permanent collection. Works in the exhibition date from 1958 to 2014, and together highlight the persistent influence of modernism. Featuring eleven works by eight artists of national and international renown: Helen Frankenthaler, Guy Goodwin, Frederick Hammersley, Josiah McElheny, John McLaughlin, Jorge Pardo, Larry Poons, and Lucas Samaras.



thumbnail Jun 17

Cuban-American artist Jorge Pardo opens exhibition in the Augustins Museum in Toulouse

TOULOUSE.- The unique collection of 12th-century Romanesque capitals held at the Musée des Augustins is one of the great cultural treasures of Toulouse. Internationally renowned for his work at the frontiers of art, design and architecture, Jorge Pardo has been invited to rethink the display of this exceptional collection. His installation will remain in place until the 2016 festival.

By turns a painter, designer, architect and display specialist, Jorge Pardo made just about everything he lives with – the furniture, the lamps, his studio, his house. His intensely colourful work seems to flow continuously from one founding impulsion. For going on twenty years he has tirelessly rethought and questioned aesthetic categories and hierarchies, drawing on the ambiguity of a system in which art is constantly undermined and the functional nearly always de-habilitated.

thumbnail Jul 15

The Collection – Jorge Pardo in Belgium

June 22 – September 22, 2013

Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst

Artworks can define and position the human body in its environment, ranging from the museum space to the landscape. They can also reveal movements and activities within the (urban) environment, in the form of prototypical architectures, for example. Or they create situations in which the visitor is given an essential role to play and in which his participation is questioned.

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Jorge Pardo in group show THE FEVERISH LIBRARY at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, NY

Friedrich Petzel Gallery is pleased to announce “The Feverish Library,” a group exhibition organized in cooperation with Matthew Higgs, opening on Thursday, September 6th, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. The exhibition will remain on view until October 20, 2012.

In 1966, John Latham checked out Clement Greenberg’s Art and Culture: Critical Essays from the library at the Saint Martin’s School of Art, where he was an instructor. One evening at a party he asked students to chew up the book’s pages after which he turned the pulp into a clear liquid. After repeated demands from the library for the book’s long overdue return, Latham presented the liquid in a vial. The book in its altered state was not accepted.

“The Feverish Library” brings together a number of artworks whose premises are predicated on the book as a conceptual, psychological, and cultural form. In some pieces, the actual physicality of the book is addressed. The works collectively constitute a meditation on the page, book jackets, design, and content. Some works are arguably a fond or surreal portrait of pulp, a disconcerting look at hoarding and a general nostalgia or malaise regarding the impending obsolescence of the printed medium. And like the expansive and confused Borgesian library, the works in the show will be densely layered.

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Jorge Pardo in group show at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Art of Communication
Anri Sala, Yang Ah Ham, Philippe Parreno, Jorge Pardo
18 October–4 December 2011

National Museum of Contemporary Art

Seoul-si Jung-gu Jeong-dong 5-1 Deoksugung Palace
Seokjojeon Building, Korea

Contemporary art is a guidepost of social trends. The works of contemporary artists in museums are more than objects of beauty or standards of aesthetics; they are objects with specific practical functions in the social context of everyday life. In this sense, interacting with contemporary art is not an exercise in knowledge of art. Rather it calls for empathy that precedes inspiration, flashes of self-awareness that shine the light of insight at unexpected moments.

The exhibit Art of Communication: Anri Sala, Yang Ah Ham, Philippe Parreno, Jorge Pardo brings together the art of four internationally renowned artists Anri Sala, Yang Ah Ham, Philippe Parreno, and Jorge Pardo under the theme of communication. The four have worked together and apart with common and diverging themes: the intimacies of everyday life, social messages, and the eternal dialogue between the arts. Their art, replete with both particular and universal sensibilities, now come together with audiences in the contemporary city of Seoul to strike the spark of communication and creative imagination.

Jorge Pardo (1963–) from Cuba mixes everyday designs and architecture in his art. The objects, making eager use of color and light, are sensual, poetic, and rhythmical. The objects exhibited are personal items such as lamps, tables, and chairs, but also play a public role as works of art. These everyday objects also indirectly reveal the social context and background in which they were born.

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Jorge Pardo in group show at Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul

September 17 – March 16, 2012

Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art

Meydan Sokak, Baby Giz Plaza B Blok
Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey

The Elgiz family is preparing to celebrate its 10th year in contemporary art with an exhibition titled “Elgiz 10 Istanbul.“ The exhibition, curated by Necmi Sönmez, opens Sept. 17 and a women art collectors panel that will take place on Sept. 16. The panel is welcoming three leading female art collectors of the world

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Cuban American artist Jorge Pardo collaborates in project The Conga Room / LA

By Christopher Henry | August 18, 2011 12:23 PM PDT

International Business Times

The Conga Room, in its new location at LA LIVE in downtown Los Angeles across from the Staples Center, is the city’s premier Latin nightclub. The space will feature today’s hottest Latin performers in its 14,000 square foot live venue space, which includes a restaurant, three distinct bars, patio seating, and a VIP lounge and private room. In addition, the club will host LA TV and world-renowned DJs adjacent to the stage and above the crowd, adding even more excitement to the ambiance. Perhaps the club design’s greatest intent is to be true to the energy of the Latin community, to pay homage to its roots and deep history while infusing it with Los Angeles’ fervent modern lifestyle.

thumbnail May 24

Jorge Pardo creates a site-specific installation for One Colorado in Old Pasadena

May 20, 2011 – November 6, 2011

One Colorado

One Colorado Courtyard,
41 Hugus Alley, Pasadena, CA

Untitled: Site Installation by Jorge Pardo
The Armory Center for the Arts and One Colorado present a new large-scale installation by world-renowned artist Jorge Pardo. The work will be on display from May 20 – November 6, 2011. The new work, called Untitled (One Colorado, Pasadena), will be on view in the One Colorado Courtyard, located in Old Pasadena in the block bounded by Colorado Boulevard, Fair Oaks, Union, and De Lacey.

Jorge Pardo (b. Havana, Cuba, 1963) is an artist whose body of work explores the intersection of contemporary painting, design, sculpture, and architecture. In this temporary exhibition, a 28-foot pepper tree installed in the center of the public courtyard is illuminated by sets of multi-colored translucent globes, designed by the artist, that hang from the branches.

thumbnail Mar 25

Jorge Pardo in exhibit Suspense

February 19 – May 8, 2011

Florence, Italy

EX3, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea

Viale Giannotti 81/83/85

curators Lorenzo Giusti and Arabella Natalini

The exhibition aims to explore the concept of “suspension” as it relates to the production of contemporary sculpture. The EX3 Centre spaces will host works by artists from different generations and backgrounds, all pieces that have been made during the last decade, 2000 -2010.

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