The CANY Blog is offered to you by the folks at Cuba Art NY.

Published in English the CANY BLOG is designed to bring together a wide array of information on and about Cuban artists that live outside the island. Such as:

  • current exhibits in Miami, New York and other locations,
  • reviews, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and videos,
  • links to artist web pages,
  • links to galleries that exhibit these artists.
  • Cuba Art NY is a not-for-profit tax exempt 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing and preserving the work of contemporary Cuban Artists living outside the island.  Cuba Art NY is run by volunteers who are art professionals, collectors, and art enthusiasts with the mandate to educate the public about this art and promote a deeper understanding of  this very Cuban Art created outside the island.

Cuba Art NY has no other funding than contributions from you the public.

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