Teresita Fernandez, recipient of Creative Capital award

Teresita Fernandez, recipient of Creative Capital award.- "Creative Capital Funds 50 Artist Projects for a Total of $2.5 M., Including Projects by Teresita Fernández, American Artist, Kameelah Janan Rasheed" by Maximilíano Durón. From Art …read more

NFTs of Amelia Pelaez works

The Amelia Pelaez Foundation is launching Amelias NFT (Non Fungible Token) presenting a digital collection of Amelia Pelaez’ works, the originals of which were confiscated by the Cuban government. This is an opportunity to be a part of …read more

CINTAS Supports Cuban born Artists – 2021 Awards

The Cintas foundation has supported the development of Cuban art for the last 50 years, promoting the professional development of artists and the continuity of Cuban traditions in art. Cintas foundation supports accomplishments and excellence in …read more