Waldo Balart at Doral Contemporary Art Museum

Waldo Balart at Doral Contemporary Art Museum.- "The geometric art represented by more than twenty artists, among them the late masters Victor Vasarely, Luis Tomasello, Jesús Soto and Carlos Cruz Diez, is the absolute protagonist of an …read more

Gustavo Perez Monzon at Malbourugh

Gustavo Perez Monzon at Malbourugh. -The Directors of Marlborough New York are delighted to present a selection of recent works on paper by Gustavo Pérez Monzón in Gallery 105. This will be the artist’s first exhibition with Marlborough. …read more

Who are the most underrated artists

Who Are the Most Underrated Artists, Alive or Dead? 12 Leading Art-World Figures Share Their PicksThis ArtNet News Article is well researched and worth the read.Cuban artists mentioned are Zilia Sanchez, Jorge Mayet and Luis …read more

Waltman Ortega Fine Art exhibit – Dayron Gonzalez

Waltman Ortega Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibit "Selected Works" by Dayron Gonzalez. Dayron Gonzalez is a Cuban artist based in Miami and is considered as one of the most …read more

Carlos Luna at MOAS

Carlos Luna at MOAS.- Ladies First: The Art of Carlos Luna "One of the foremost contemporary Cuban American artists, Carlos Luna is part of a generation of Latin American artists who embrace their strong heritage and traditions while …read more

Elio Rodríguez at the University of Alicante’s Museum

Elio Rodríguez at the University of Alicante’s Museum.- "A black Cuban artist born in Old Havana to a seamstress mother, Elio Rodríguez trained at the Higher Institute of Art and the San Alejandro Academy. He has lived in Elche for over 15 …read more

Carmen Herrera – article from New York Times

"Carmen Herrera, Cuban-Born Artist Who Won Fame at 89, Dies at 106 She painted in obscurity for decades, living on the earnings of her husband, an English teacher. Everything changed with a gallery show in 2004. By Robert D. McFadden …read more

Cuban American Art from the 1980’s

Cuban American Art from the 1980's.- "A landmark exhibition, Radical Conventions is the first major museum presentation to focus solely on Cuban American art created during the 1980s. By exploring the heterogeneous nature of Cuban diasporic …read more

Arturo Rodríguez at LnS Gallery

Arturo Rodríguez at LnS Gallery.- "LnS GALLERY is thrilled to present Arturo Rodríguez: Terra Incognita, Rodríguez’s second solo exhibition at LnS Gallery. The body of paintings presented reflect the artist’s …read more

Martínez Celaya, SEA SKY LAND: towards a map of everything

Martínez Celaya, SEA SKY LAND: towards a map of everything. -USC Fisher Museum of Art presents Enrique Martínez Celaya in an extraordinary exhibit which brings together approximately 30 large-format paintings and sculptures created by the artist …read more