Exploring Inner Landscapes: Teresita Fernández’s “Soil Horizon”

Embark on a journey of introspection and wonder as Lehmann Maupin proudly presents "Soil Horizon," an enthralling exhibition showcasing the latest creations of celebrated artist Teresita Fernández. Renowned for her innovative reinterpretation of …read more

Teresita Fernández at Ruby City, Texas

Teresita Fernández at Ruby City, Texas Tangible/NothingSelected works from the Linda Pace Foundation Collection "This new installation features approximately 50 works by national and international artists as well as those with San Antonio …read more

Teresita Fernandez, recipient of Creative Capital award

Teresita Fernandez, recipient of Creative Capital award.- "Creative Capital Funds 50 Artist Projects for a Total of $2.5 M., Including Projects by Teresita Fernández, American Artist, Kameelah Janan Rasheed" by Maximilíano Durón. From Art …read more

Teresita Fernandez Wins Exhibit of Year

Cuban American Artist Teresita Fernandez Wins Exhibit of Year. -Behind the American dream, a shadow of storms appears. Cuban American artist Teresita Fernandez uses the elements of nature to depict the current political state of the United States. …read more

Teresita Fernandez Doses the Streets of Brooklyn with a Design for Wellness

Art has a healing effect on a community. It has the ability to bring people together and uplift the human spirit. A magnificent work of sculptural design in a public space creates an aesthetically-pleasing scene that can improve people's wellbeing. …read more

Teresita Fernandez Explores the Disaster of Colonization in Maelstrom

Gallery Lehmann Maupin presents Maelstrom, an exhibition of monumental works from Cuban-American artists Teresita Fernandez. In the show, she explores the topic of colonization through visual poetry.  Immense sculptures and installations …read more

Teresita Fernández Lights a Fire in the West

By Alanna Martinez • 05/26/16 From Observer.com Teresita Fernández knows how to light up a room, and she’s done just that inside the front gallery of Anthony Meier Fine Arts in San Francisco. The century-old house inside which Mr. Meier’s …read more

Fata Morgana: A Special Tour with Teresita Fernández at Madison Square Park, NY

 Fata Morgana: A Special Tour with Teresita Fernández at Madison Square Park, NY.. Spend an afternoon at Madison Square Park exploring the ever-changing wonders of Fata Morgana with its creator, Cuban-American artist Teresita Fernández. Fata …read more

Teresita Fernández: FATA MORGANA, at Madison Square Park, NYC

Teresita Fernández: FATA MORGANA at Madison Square Park, NYC. Over the past 15 years, artist Teresita Fernández has created more than a dozen public art projects that put the viewer in the role of both spectator and performer. Recalling natural …read more

Teresita Fernandez at McNally Jackson Books, SoHo, NY

Friday, April, 3, 2015 7:00 pm  Join artist Teresita Fernandez and essayist Eliot Weinberger for a discussion of the artist's MASS MoCA exhibition and accompanying publication As Above So Below. On view until April 6th, Fernandez's exhibition, …read more

Teresita Fernández at Almine Rech Gallery, London

November 4- December 20, 2014 Teresita Fernández at Almine Rech Gallery, London - Inspired by the landscape and natural phenomena as well as diverse historical and cultural references, Fernández presents a group of new works for her second …read more

Teresita Fernández: As Above So Below at MASS MoCA, Massachusetts

On view beginning May 24, 2014 MASSACHUSETTS MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART 1040 MASS MoCA WAY     NORTH ADAMS, MA 01247Teresita Fernández: As Above So Below at MASS MoCA, Massachusetts.  -Demonstrating the artist’s …read more

Cuban America: An Empire State of Mind at Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, NY

February 4 – May 14, 2014  Cuban America: An Empire State of Mind at Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, NY.  -Alejandro Aguilera, Jairo Alfonso, Alexandre Arrechea, Tania Bruguera, María Magdalena Campos Pons, Yoán Capote, Los Carpinteros, …read more

Cuban Americans – Our America: The Latino Presence In American Art – Smithsonian Museum

October 25, 2013 - March 2, 2013 American Art Museum8th And F Street NWWashington DC Cuban Americans - Our America: The Latino Presence In American Art - Smithsonian Museum.  -An exhibition opening next month at the Smithsonian American Art …read more

Cuban Forever: Contemporary Cuban Art at The Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, OH

September 7th, 2013 - June 30, 2014 Pizzuti Collection632 North Park Street,Columbus, Ohio 43215Cuban Forever: Contemporary Cuban Art at The Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, OH.  -Cuban Forever features the diverse, rich, beautiful and compelling …read more

Teresita Fernandez – Hong Kong

September 12 - November 9, 2013 Lehmann Maupin Gallery Pedder Building 12 Pedder Street Central, Hong Kong  Teresita Fernandez - Hong Kong.  -Lehmann Maupin is honored to open it’s fall season in Hong Kong with the first solo show in …read more

Teresita Fernandez SFMOMA

 Teresita Fernandez SFMOMA.  -"Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art," on view at the Contemporary Jewish Museum through Oct. 27, is the first major off-site collaboration for the SFMOMA while its expansion is underway. July to …read more

Teresita Fernández: 2013 Aspen Award for Art

Teresita Fernández: 2013 Aspen Award for Art.  -The Aspen Art Museum is proud to announce the selection of renowned contemporary artist Teresita Fernández as the recipient of the museum’s 2013 Aspen Award for Art. The award will be presented on …read more

The Miami Art Fairs

December 6 - 9, 2012 The Miami Art Fairs 2012.- This is the biggest week end for Art in Miami. More than 1,000 galleries will participate in more than 20 fairs.  There will be a good representation of Cuban American Artists. The biggest and oldest …read more

Teresita Fernandez

September 12 - October 20, 2012 Lehmann Maupin Gallery 201 Chrystie Street New York, NYIn her fifth solo exhibition at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, Teresita Fernández creates works that evoke the dramatic and universal experience of looking at the night …read more

Art Basel Switzerland 2012

June 13 - 17, 2012 Basel, SwitzerlandArt Basel Switzerland 2012. -In Switzerland, nearly $2 billion worth of art from 300 top-tier international galleries is up for sale this week. Richter, Calder, Twombly and Hirst are among the big-names with big …read more

Teresita Fernandez exhibits in Singapore

January 11 to February 11, 2012 SINGAPORE.- Lehmann Maupin Gallery presents Lehmann Maupin Gallery at STPI: Featuring the work of Ashley Bickerton, Lee Bul, Teresita Fernández and Do Ho Suh on view 11 January – 11 February 2012 at the Singapore …read more

Teresita Fernández appointed to U.S. Commission on Fine Arts

September 16, 2011 (New York) -- President Barack Obama has appointed Teresita Fernández, a MacArthur Award winning visual artist, to serve on the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, a federal panel that advises the President, Congress and …read more

Teresita Fernández: NIGHT WRITING at Singapore Tyler Print Institute

September 22 - October 29, 2011 American artist, Teresita Fernández, is recognised for her sublime sculptures and installations responding to nature. Her works aim to create an intimate experience, with viewers playing a pivotal role in completing …read more

Teresita Fernandez Exhibition: “Amethyst Cinema” at La Galerie Pfriem | Rue Saint-Trophime, Lacoste, FRANCE

Jul. 02 – Sep. 03, 2011 Galerie Pfriem at SCAD Lacoste Rue Saint-Trophime 84480 Lacoste, FranceThe SCAD exhibitions department presents a site-specific sculpture by acclaimed artist Teresita Fernández. A continuation of her "Eruption" series …read more

Teresita Fernández in REVEALED – Turner Contemporary, England

April 16 - September 4, 2011 Turner Contemporary Rendezvous Margate Kent CT9 1HG ENGLAND Our opening exhibition brings together work by the visionary British painter JMW Turner and six contemporary artists. We welcome visitors to the new gallery …read more

Teresita Fernández – Focus

Fort Worth, TX April 17 to June 19, 2011 Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth 3200 Darnell Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Sculptor Teresita Fernández creates work in response to nature. Reminiscent of clouds, rainstorms, waterfalls, and stars in the …read more