5 Inspiring Moments: Wifredo Lam’s Homecoming at Asia Society Hong Kong, Admiralty

Asia Society Hong Kong Mar 23–Jun 2, 2024 In the bustling Admiralty district of Hong Kong, amidst the contemporary skyscrapers and traditional alleys, an exhibition stands as a testament to the fusion of cultures and the power of artistic …read more

Unveiling Allora & Calzadilla’s Trailblazing Exhibition at Lisson Gallery

In the heart of artistic innovation, Lisson Gallery stands as a beacon, consistently pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions. Their latest exhibition, featuring the dynamic duo Allora & Calzadilla, promises to be nothing short of …read more

Reviving Belkis Ayón’s Legacy: Gallery Debut After 25 Years Radiates Enduring Impact

Reviving Belkis Ayón's Legacy: A Journey Through Art and Time In the realm of contemporary art, few stories resonate with as much poignancy and significance as that of Belkis Ayón. Her artistic journey is not merely a tale of talent and …read more

Acclaimed Tomás Esson Takes Over David Lewis Gallery

EKELE KWA, a beacon of contemporary art in New York City's TriBeCa district, is set to host a groundbreaking exhibition featuring the works of acclaimed artist Tomás Esson. This marks Esson's debut at the gallery's 57 Walker Street location, …read more

Armando Guiller’s Sculpture “The Wave” at Soleste North Miami Beach

Armando Guiller's sculpture "The Wave" at Soleste North Miami Beach.- "The Wave", Public Art Installation at Soleste North Miami Beach was unveiled by the City Mayor, the Commissioners and The Estates Companies last February. Guiller was …read more

Empowering “Unpainting”: Roger Toledo’s Transformative Exhibition at Panamerican Art Projects

In anticipation of an eagerly awaited event in Miami's thriving art scene, Panamerican Art Projects prepares to welcome visitors to an extraordinary exhibition by the visionary contemporary artist, Roger Toledo. From March 29 to May 18, art …read more

Bestiary & Idols is the Latest Exhibit of the Acclaimed Jose Bedia!

Bestiary & Idols is the Latest Exhibit of the Acclaimed Jose Bedia! March 15th - April 13th, 2024 "Bestiary & Idols" is the Latest Exhibit of the Acclaimed Jose Bedia! Step into a realm of wonder and fascination as Mendes Wood …read more

Au Plein Air, The Latest Exhibition by Yovani Bauta

Au Plein Air, The Latest Exhibition by Yovani Bauta In the bustling cultural hub of Miami, where art breathes life into the streets and galleries, a new beacon of creative brilliance is set to illuminate the cityscape. On Saturday, March 16th, …read more

Celebrating Cuban Heritage: Miami’s Artistry

Celebrating Cuban Heritage: Miami's Artistry January 25th - March 8th, 2024 In the bustling metropolis of Miami, where cultures converge and artistic expressions intertwine, lies a profound narrative waiting to be unveiled. It's a story of …read more

Radiant Triumph: Pavel Acosta’s ‘Stolen Paint’ Illuminates Saxo’s Gallery

Pavel Acosta's 'Stolen Paint' Illuminates Saxo's Gallery In the world of contemporary art, where every stroke on canvas tells a story, few artists possess the ability to captivate the soul and ignite the imagination quite like Pavel Acosta. …read more