Torres Llorca, Ray Azcuy, Pablo Cano, Jorge Pardo

“Found-Object Art Finds Its Place at NSU Art Museum. “

“In Ruben Torres Llorca’s “We Will Build a House Without Windows,” two busts stare each other down, each severed head a literal bump on a log. On each face, a weapon (a hammer, an axe) protrudes from its third eye and is pointed in the other’s direction. A house separates the angry busts.

There is absurdist humor in this piece, but also a familiar fury and a sense of mutual distrust, landing for our viewing pleasure at a time when “secession” and “civil war” are terms actually entering public discourse again. Are Llorca’s subjects neighbors, feuding over the invisible fences of said domicile? Could the house be a tenuous geographic border, and does each bust represent nations warring over a fractious sliver of land? The busts appear to be from the same series, and they share the same log, but that hasn’t stopped such madness before.”

Through Feb. 13

NSU Art Museum
1 E. Las Olas Blvd.,
Fort Lauderdale.

By John Thomason in Boca Magazine, December 27, 2021

Ruben Torres Llorca

Ruben Torres Llorca at CANY Online Gallery

Ray Azcuy

Pablo Cano

Jorge Pardo

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