Royal Ballet’s Untitled 2023, inspired by Carmen Herrera’s designs

Royal Ballet's Untitled 2023, inspired by Carmen Herrera's designs.- BY Joy Sable June 13, 2023 "The Royal Ballet’s summer season at the Royal Opera House ends with an intriguing triple bill which includes the premiere of Untitled, 2023 by …read more

Mural by Cuban-American artist Carmen Herrera at the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin

Mural by Cuban-American artist Carmen Herrera at The Blanton Museum of Art, Austin.- The Blanton Museum of Art at The University of Texas at Austin will open its newly renovated grounds on Saturday, May 13, 2023. Two years ago, the …read more

Carmen Herrera – article from New York Times

"Carmen Herrera, Cuban-Born Artist Who Won Fame at 89, Dies at 106 She painted in obscurity for decades, living on the earnings of her husband, an English teacher. Everything changed with a gallery show in 2004. By Robert D. McFadden …read more

Carmen Herrera at the Rollins Museum of Art

Carmen Herrera at the Rollins Museum of Art.- From Flamingo Magazine: "In Line, Color, Shapes, and Other Stories, visitors get the chance to explore the museum’s collection of abstract art spanning from the early 20th century to 2013. The …read more

Book on Carmen Herrera.

Book on Carmen Herrera.- ESTRUCTURAS. "The definitive publication on Cuban-born artist Carmen Herrera's (born 1915) Estructura works, this volume contains new works as well as sketches, plans, installation photographs from the …read more

Movado introduces Carmen Herrera Design Watches

Movado introduces Carmen Herrera Design Watches. -This collection combines Carmen Herrera's bold avant guard style with Movado's signature designs. From Forbes - "Long a supporter of the arts, Movado has been creating “Artist Series” …read more

New Mural from Cuban-American Artist Carmen Herrera

New Mural from Cuban-American Artist Carmen Herrera. -Sound affects human emotion in the same way as visual art. Just like we can see a beautiful, scenic image that brings us pleasure, we can hear a sound that also sparks our vitality. So much is …read more

Carmen Herrera in “Female Voices of Latin América”

Nineteen countries are represented in the online display. With 150 living artists, the monumental show is the largest presentation of work from Latin American women artists. Cuban-American minimalist pioneer Carmen Herrera is one of the women …read more

Carmen Herrera in Paris, Exhibit at Dickinsons NY

Dark red, military green and white, these three simple colors pop out of Field of Combat, a painting from 1952. Carmen Herrera is the Cuban-American artist who created the work.    The abstract piece made up of these stark colors …read more

Cuban-American Artist Carmen Herrera Featured The Met’s Virtual Exhibit

During these trying times, visiting museums and galleries is a possible risk to one’s health, so artists have been unable to display their work using traditional methods.  Yet, the show must go on. Professionals from the art world are no …read more