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Luis Gispert, Aqua Regia, at OHWOW Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

May 29 – Jun 27, 2015

Opening reception
Friday, May 29

OHWOW Gallery
937 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90069

OHWOW Gallery is pleased to announce Aqua Regia, Luis Gispert’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, presenting a series of two-dimensional works, each comprised of quasi-asphalt slabs embedded with varied strands of gold chain. Concepts surrounding American culture and the fetishization of value have inspired the artist’s work over the years, and those interests continue to serve as the basis from which all his ideas evolve. Regardless of the visual vehicle used to interpret his acumen, Gispert’s sensibility is always palpable.

The work presented in Aqua Regia translates through visual and tactile methods. Densely black planks appear interrupted by channels of delicately metallic line in a nonobjective abstract manner. Arriving at a closer proximity, these works of expressionistic gesture disclose to the viewer: they confess not to be minimalist paintings, as Gispert’s panels reveal a particular style of line. Each piece serves as a sample of analysis, identifying marks associated directly to this artist’s hand.

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GEAN MORENO AND ERNESTO OROZA at Wharton + Espinosa, Los Angeles

by Andrea Magenheimer

Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza are both Miami cultural heavyweights, and in their work together are known for curating, writing and research-driven artistic practice.

The two have collaborated on several projects, harkening back to their first show together in 2008,Studio Scrap Stool. These stools, cut and reorganized 2×4” planks, were the beginning of a dialogue regarding materials and their concern with the standards of a “designed object,” and how that could be manipulated to produce meaning.

Link in Spanish > Arte al día

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Carlos Estevez in Los Angeles

September 14 – October 19, 2013

Living Apart Together


Couturier Gallery
166 North LaBrea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

 The exhibition of new works, Living Apart Together, includes large paintings and intricate sculptures exploring the human psyche vis-à-vis a complex artificial world with metaphoric imagery and thoughtful witticism.

Carlos Estévez is from the generation of Cuban artists and intellectuals who, emerging in the 1990s, developed a sense of connectedness to the world outside of Cuba where social, political and geographic boundaries do not exist compared to the restricted freedoms on the island.


Link:>>Couturier Gallery

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Art Platform LA to exhibit Jose Bedia, Angel Delgado

30 SEPT. – 3 OCT., 2011

The Art Platform – Los Angeles art fair will demonstrate the rich and diverse cultural landscape of Southern California and underscore Los Angeles’ influential position within the contemporary art world.

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On View: José Bedia’s spiritual and physical journeys

The Cuban artist is the focus of a retrospective at the Fowler Museum at UCLA that represents his artistic pilgrimages over the last 30 years.

By Scarlet Cheng, Special to the Los Angeles Times  September 11, 2011

“Many things come to me in my trips,” says artist José Bedia. “I see myself as a kind of anthropologist. I do field work, I collect things and take notes — and then the ideas start to come out.”

The ideas pour out in his powerful, outsize drawings, paintings and installations, which are full of references to his physical and spiritual journeys. Nearly 30 of his pieces are being presented in “Transcultural Pilgrim: Three Decades of Work by José Bedia,” at the Fowler Museum at UCLA from Sept. 18 to Jan. 8.

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Exposición “Peregrino transcultural: Tres décadas de trabajo de José Bedia”

Fuente: Cubaencuentro.com

El Fowler Museum de la UCLA presenta una retrospectiva del pintor cubano

Los Ángeles | 17/09/2011 – 08/01/2012

Sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011
17:00-18:00 Judith Bettelheim y Janet Catherine Berlo, comisarias de la exposición, conversarán con el artista cubano.
18:00 Fiesta de inauguración para miembros del Fowler Museum
Domingo, 18 de septiembre

La exposición se abre al público general.

El Museo Fowler de UCLA presenta “Pilgrim Transcultural: Tres décadas de trabajo de José Bedia” una exposición que reúne 28 pinturas de gran formato, dibujos figurativos y una instalación para ofrecer una amplia retrospectiva del destacado artista cubano de la conocida como “Generación del 80”.

La retrospectiva del trabajo de Bedia se desarrolla como una narración de los viajes transculturales que ha hecho. En la primera sección de la exposición incluye ocho obras que tienen que ver con su participación en la religión afrocubana Palo Monte, que ha practicado desde principios de 1980 en Cuba.
Las obras en la siguiente sección describe la crónica de Bedia en su viaje por México, así como sus estudios con los pueblos Lakota y las visitas a los chamanes en el Amazonas peruano.

Otra agrupación de sus obras cuenta con cuatro obras que rinden homenaje a figuras revolucionarias del Caribe, que combinaron sus creencias religiosas con un fuerte sentido de activismo y la justicia social.
Tres últimas pinturas, de aproximadamente 15 pies de ancho, reflejan el interés de muchos años de Bedia por el arte africano, así como las peregrinaciones que hizo a Zambia para trabajar con los adivinos y ver bailes de máscaras.

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Ana Mendieta in group show DISTANT STAR / ESTRELLA DISTANTE at Regen Projects and kurimanzutto

REGEN PROJECTS and REGEN PROJECTS II  — Jul 14, 2011 – Aug 20, 2011

633 North Almont Drive and 9016 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069

kurimanzutto  — September 10 – October 29, 2011

Gob. Rafael Rebollar 94
Col. San Miguel Chapultepec
México D.F.

Regen Projects and kurimanzutto are pleased to present Distant Star / Estrella Distante an exhibition based on the writings of Chilean born writer Roberto Bolaño (b. 1953 – d. 2003). Bolaño’s writing — lyrical, evocative, transformative, political, and powerful — has been a common passion for many of the artists in this exhibition as well as the organizers. The exhibition is partly homage to the writer, and partly an exploration of the timbre and topicality of his works.

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Fowler Museum presents retrospective of Cuban American artist José Bedia

Sept. 18 through Jan. 8, 2012.

Fowler Museum at University of California Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA 90095-7065

Opening Night
Saturday, Sept. 17
5–6 p.m.: Fowler OutSpoken conversation with José Bedia, Judith Bettelheim and Janet Catherine Berlo
6–8:30 p.m.: Opening party for members

The Fowler Museum at UCLA presents “Transcultural Pilgrim: Three Decades of Work by José Bedia,” an exhibition that brings together 28 large-scale figurative paintings and drawings and a newly commissioned, site-specific installation to offer a comprehensive retrospective on this acclaimed member of Cuba’s “Generation of the ’80s,” the pioneering young artists who incorporated Cuban vernacular and spiritual references into their work and experimented with eclectic visual forms.
The exhibition, which opens Sept. 17 with a conversation between Bedia and curators Judith Bettelheim and Janet Catherine Berlo, will be on display from Sept. 18 through Jan. 8, 2012.

Press Release

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Enrique Martinez Celaya in group show PISSED ELEGANCE – Stephen Cohen Gallery, LA

May 14 – June 18, 2011

Stephen Cohen Gallery,

Los Angeles, CA


The historian Kenneth Clark purveyed the eventual end to abstraction, citing a cultural need for a fidelity to the real world in real time imagery.  In a world significantly gutted with imagery, abstraction at present is about creating a new space in which to think about present day life.
Pissed Elegant is representative of those concerns past and present.

Stephen Cohen Gallery is pleased to announce, Pissed Elegance, a group show of abstract works.  The exhibition will showcase a variety of media including painting, photography and sculpture. Featured artists include Arthur Siegel, Ed Ruscha, Arthur Ou, Brian Wall, John McLaughlin, Siri Kaur Bronlyn Jones, James Gobel, Benjamin Lord, Bob Magahay, Enrique Martinez Celaya, Chad Kleitsch, Jason David, Robert Stivers, Monique Prieto and Danny Jauregui.  An opening reception will be held Saturday, May 14 from 7 to 9 p.m.

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Carlos Estévez – Encrypted Messages/Mensajes cifrados

April 16 – May 21, 2011

Los Angeles, CA

Couturier Gallery

166 N. La Brea Ave.

Opening reception: Saturday, April 16 5-8pm

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