Cuban-born Artist Carlos Caballero Grows His Vocabulary

Some artists create a visual vocabulary through their artwork, integrating symbols and signs with meaning. Cuban-born artist Carlos Caballero is one of these alphabet makers. In his latest solo exhibition / intervention / work in situ, the radical …read more

Cuban-born Artist Carlos Caballero in Duo Exhibit

The Cuban-born artist Carlos Caballero is showcasing a series of his simple, abstract, geometrically sound works in a duo exhibit. His partner in the show is the Belgian artist Carole Vanderlinden. The exhibition is taking place at PLUS-ONE …read more

Carlos Caballero in (out of) position at D’Apostrof, Belgium

Carlos Caballero in '(out of) position' at D’Apostrof, Belgium, with artists: Carlos Caballero, Wim De Pauw and Lucie Renneboog. Galerie D'Apostrof Pastoriestraat 59, 9800 Deinze, Belgium May 8- June 5, 2016 Opening: …read more