Rafael Domenech at 58th Carnegie International

Rafael Domenech at 58th Carnegie International.- Cuban American artist Rafael Domenech (b. 1989) will kickstart the summer 2022 season on June 4 with a pavilion housed in the museum’s sculpture courtyard. Taking the shape of an ellipse, the …read more

Rafael Domenech and Ernesto Oroza Together at Bass

These two Cuban artists have come a long way from their time in Cuba. Rafael Domenech was just a small child in Cuba in the 1990s. He began his craft early, graduating with honors in sculpture and painting. Then he was accepted into the prestigious …read more

Sympletic Structures Exhibition Highlights the Work of Rafael Domenech

From November 8 through 17, 2013   NWSA@Artseen Gallery 2215 NW 2nd Avenue Miami, FL 33127Rafael Domenech, a visual arts college junior from New World School of the Arts, will exhibit his body of work in an exhibition entitled Symplectic …read more