Breaking Boundaries with Ana Mendieta & Zilia Sánchez

Freize Los Angeles, February 29 – March 3, 2024

Breaking Boundaries with Ana Mendieta & Zilia Sánchez. Galerie Lelong & Co., New York, eagerly anticipates showcasing the exceptional talents of renowned Latin-American artists Sarah Grilo, Ana Mendieta, and Zilia Sánchez at Frieze Los Angeles 2024. In this spotlight, we delve into the narratives of Ana Mendieta and Zilia Sánchez, revealing stories of creativity, innovation, and resilience that transcend geographical boundaries and resonate with audiences worldwide.

Ana Mendieta’s artistic journey is one of exile and evolution. Departing her native Cuba for the United States at a tender age, Mendieta’s work flourished within the vibrant art scene of 1980s New York. Our booth will feature an early masterpiece by Mendieta, “Untitled (Cosmetic Facial Variations),” crafted in 1972. This photographic series emerged from Mendieta’s exploration of self-representation and female identity, showcasing her pioneering use of the body as a medium. As Mendieta’s major retrospective, “Ana Mendieta: Search for Origin,” travels across Europe, her profound legacy continues to ignite contemplation and dialogue.

Equally captivating is Zilia Sánchez’s artistic odyssey, characterized by an exploration of form, texture, and sensuality. Our exhibit will include a curated selection of Sánchez’s sculptures, rendered in bronze and marble, alongside a historic painting and works on paper. Sánchez’s iconic curved canvases, exemplified in the highlighted painting, testify to her mastery of shape and dimension. Through her sculptures, Sánchez breathes life into her unique visual vocabulary, inviting viewers into a realm of undulating silhouettes and subtle palettes. As Sánchez prepares to participate in the prestigious 60th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia and unveils a solo exhibition at ICA Miami, her influence on the art world resonates ever more profoundly.

Sarah Grilo, whose artistic journey led her from New York to Madrid, brings a distinct perspective on language and abstraction. Visitors to our booth will encounter a collection of Grilo’s paintings, distinguished by monochromatic tones punctuated by bursts of vibrant color. Grilo’s fusion of language and abstraction, expressed through her intuitive painting approach, reflects an ongoing exploration of visual communication. Currently captivating audiences in New York with her inaugural exhibition, “Sarah Grilo: The New York Years 1962-70,” Grilo solidifies her place as a significant voice in the art world.

In presenting the works of Ana Mendieta, Zilia Sánchez, and Sarah Grilo, Galerie Lelong & Co. celebrates the rich tapestry of Latin-American artistry while accentuating the transcendent power of creativity. As these artists continue to inspire, challenge, and redefine artistic boundaries, their contributions endure as timeless and profound.

The comprehensive showcase at Frieze Los Angeles 2024 offers a rare opportunity to immerse oneself in the artistic visions of Ana Mendieta, Zilia Sánchez, and Sarah Grilo. Through their works, visitors can explore themes of resilience and transformation, experiencing firsthand the transformative potential of art without confines. Join us as we honor these extraordinary artists and their enduring legacies.

Celebrate the diversity and creativity of Latin-American artists at Frieze Los Angeles 2024. Join Galerie Lelong & Co. as we explore the profound impact of Ana Mendieta, Zilia Sánchez, and Sarah Grilo, whose works transcend borders and captivate audiences worldwide.

About Frieze Los Angeles:

Frieze Los Angeles is a leading international art fair that was launched in 2019. Christine Messineo is the Director of Frieze Los Angeles and Frieze New York. 

Frieze Los Angeles largely focuses on contemporary art and celebrates the exceptionally dynamic culture of Los Angeles and its global contributions to the visual arts.  

The fair will return to Santa Monica Airport from February 29-March 3, 2024. Positioned in the Southeast corner of the airfield, the fair will feature over 95 of today’s most exciting galleries from around the world, an expansive program of ambitious installations, collaborations with nonprofit organizations, and pop-ups from some of Los Angeles’ most beloved restaurants.

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Breaking Boundaries with Ana Mendieta & Zilia Sánchez
Zilia Sánchez Sin titulo, 1971

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