Women Artists in the Rodríguez Collection.-

“The Kendall Art Cultural Center is proud to announce the third installment of our ongoing annual program, Women Artists in the Rodríguez Collection with invited artist Gladys Triana in Gladys Triana in PERSPECTIVE. This collective exhibition of works by women artists from Leonardo Rodríguez’s permanent collection, celebrates the important contributions these women have made to the arts with their innovation and creativity. The artwork in this exhibition showcases the work of women across generations; emphasizing the differences in style, expression and subject matter, which help us understand the unique vision and visual language inherent in each artist’s work. […]

Women Artists in The Rodríguez Collection also features the work of well-known artists such as Ana Albertina, Angela Alés, Consuelo Castañeda, Antonia Eiriz, Ivonne Ferrer, Flora Fong, Marlys Fuego, Lia Galletti, Rocio Garcia, Aimée Joaristi, Allison Kotzig, Milena Martínez Pedrosa, Amelia Peláez, Gina Pellón, Aimee Peréz, Sandra Ramos, Zaida del Río, Lisyanet Rodríguez, Rossitch, Ana Maria Sarlat, Loló Soldevilla and Gladys Triana among others.”

March 11th, 2022

Kendall Art Cultural Center
12063 SW 131st Ave.
Miami, Fl 33186


Ana Albertina

Antonia Eiriz
Lia Galletti
Amelia Peláez
Gina Pellón
Sandra Ramos
Ana Maria Sarlat
Loló Soldevilla
Gladys Triana

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