Solo Show at Shin Gallery, NY (68 Orchard Street. New York, NY. 10002) as part of the SHIN HAUS program. The exhibition opens on October 5th, and the Reception Event is on Saturday, October 9th from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.

“The Screenshots series started in March 2020 when I confined myself at home due to Covid–19. I improvised a studio at home and started working on this new series. During confinement and lack of interaction with people around me, I felt the need to address that situation through my research on material culture, by representing objects that are portraits of people from different cultures, epochs, professions, etc… So I decided to compile figurines found on the Internet— that virtual space where all connections and human interactions occurred during the pandemic—and create these portraits/still lifes that are the same size as my computer screen. They are based on the screenshots taken of these images, so I have also left areas of solid color representing the computer desktop, portrayed exactly as the screen would look when zooming in on an image. The Screenshots series is composed of 100 watercolors, 80 of which are shown in this exhibition.”

CANY is proud to have exhibited Jairo Alfonso in our Fall 2020 exhibit. Please see works available in the CANY online Gallery.

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