Group show “Epiphany in Art Today”, an intervention in the Chapel of La Merced.-

January 14th– February 4th, 2024

Aluna Art Foundation cordially invites you to “Epiphany in Art Today”, an intervention in the Chapel of La Merced curated by Dr. Carol Damian and Dr. Adriana Herrera.

Epiphany in Art Today

“The contemporary world appears to be re-acquiring interest in religious art, which has produced some of humanity’s most extraordinary works and played a significant role throughout art history. This intervention at the Chapel of La Merced brings together a selection of religious art from our century, of which André Malraux once said, “It will be spiritual, or it will not be.”

Participant artists: Alejandro Aguilera, José Bedia, Margarita Cano, Pablo Cano, Claudio Castillo, Nora Cerviño, Fernando Dávila, Fernanda Frangetto, Héctor Fuenmayor, Florencia Godward, Gonzo González, Melvin Martínez, Milena Martínez Pedrosa, Andrés Michelena, Vero Murphy, Maydelina Pérez Lezcano, Ángel Ramírez, Pablo Soria, Raimundo Travieso, and Evelyn Valdirio.

Chapel of La Merced
3200 NW 7th Avenue,
Miami, FL. 33127

Dates and hours:
Sundays January 14th, January 21st, January 28, and February 4th
from 12 pm – 4 pm,
and by appointment.

Contact: and

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