Group show at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel.-

XL: This Is Not Another Latino Exhibition
October 6 – November 5, 2022

Carlos Rodríguez Cárdenas, Elio Rodríguez, José Ángel Vincench, Armando Mariño, Gustavo Acosta, Alberto Alejandro Rodríguez

“What you see is not always what you get, but this time in a good way. Rather than a journey from a bird’s eye view, the artworks gathered in 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel’s current exhibition entices its audience into a metaphysical trip in which topics such as identity, race, and belonging are constantly pulsating under the surface. Hence, thoroughly enjoying it requires diving deep and peeling numerous layers, some even cryptic for a trained eye. While America is a land of immigrants, some of these pieces are alien to an American audience unfamiliar with exile, forced displacement, or the different narratives of self-identity under post-colonial or totalitarian societies.”

532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel
532 W 25th St
New York, NY 10001

Carlos Rodríguez Cárdenas

Elio Rodríguez

José Ángel Vincench

Armando Mariño

Gustavo Acosta

Alberto Alejandro Rodríguez

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