In the dynamic landscape of modern art history, the 1960s and 1970s were pivotal years marked by artistic experimentation and boundary-pushing creativity. At the forefront of this cultural movement was Rolando Peña, an influential artist whose diverse body of work left a lasting impact on Latin American art. Artmedia Gallery presents an exhibition curated by José Antonio Navarrete, offering an insightful exploration of Peña’s photographic legacy.

Navarrete’s curation goes beyond mere geographical or chronological connections; it’s a thoughtful tribute to Peña’s artistic vision and ongoing relevance. As a Cuban-Venezuelan critic and curator based in Miami, Navarrete brings a unique perspective to Peña’s work, revealing the layers of meaning embedded within each photograph.

Peña’s presence in the exhibition reflects Navarrete’s deep appreciation for the artist’s transformative influence. Through carefully selected photographs, viewers are invited to delve into Peña’s world, where emotion, politics, and culture intersect in compelling visual narratives.

Navarrete’s expertise shines through in his selection of works, which span Peña’s artistic evolution from early photomaton experiments to innovative collage techniques. Born in Caracas in 1942, Peña’s journey from New York to international acclaim is celebrated as a testament to his artistic innovation and cultural impact.

Artmedia Gallery provides an ideal setting for Navarrete’s exhibition, with its focus on contemporary photography and video art. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Little River, Miami, the gallery offers a dynamic platform for artists and curators to explore the possibilities of visual culture.

Navarrete’s tribute to Peña serves as a reminder of art’s power to transcend boundaries and inspire change. Through his meticulous curation, Navarrete invites viewers to immerse themselves in Peña’s imagery and reflect on the enduring legacy of this visionary artist.

In a world filled with uncertainty, Navarrete’s tribute offers hope and connection, highlighting the profound impact of creativity on the human experience. Through his dedication to the arts, Navarrete continues to shape the contemporary art landscape, leaving a lasting imprint for future generations to appreciate.

Empowering Vision: Peña's Legacy by Jose Antonio Navarrete
Empowering Vision: Peña’s Legacy by Jose Antonio Navarrete

Goldman & Peña, When Contemporary Stated

Now – May 10th 2024

Art Gallery Media

350 NE 75th Street 

Unit # 103-2,

Miami, FL 33138

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