In Studio
Nov 10 2011 – Dec 10 2011
On Exhibit
Nov 10 2011 – Dec 31 2011

Lux Art Institute

1550 South El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024

Vibrant, textured and bursting with a calculated chaos, the dynamic works of painter Emilio Perez also evince sculpture. The artist’s unique process entails painting sheets of latex and acrylic in different hues onto wood panels and then, using an x-acto blade, slicing away at and removing layers, revealing tracts of muted colors underneath. The canvases juxtapose freeform movement with labor-intensive, measured actions, simultaneously evoking upheaval and harmony, spontaneity and control. Dizzying, vertiginous patterns, roiling swirls, undulating lines and tornado-like vortices are interwoven with short, staccato breaks. They build up and collide into one another with a force that creates a physical and psychological phenomenon wherein the eye attempts to fill in for what is not actually there.

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