In the game of life, there are many toys and illusions. A recent exhibition at the Pan American Art Projects (PAAP) in Miami, FL titled “Allegro…Ma Non Troppo” explores playful objects. The artists relate games as metaphors for elements of life. For example, a life-sized ring toss game makes citizenship a game of chance. The exhibition, which features Cuban born artists such as Gustavo Acosta plus others is on view until September 11, 2021.

Press release- “Allegro… ma non troppo explores a selection of works based on toys and illusions. The artists in this exhibition explore the innocence and complications behind playful objects and images. There is an implication of innocence when we think of the toys and games of our childhood, but these objects also teach us lessons about how to function in the adult world. While light and playful, they also set up binaries of have, and have not, what is real and what is an illusion, and the complicated process of navigating through life. Included in this exhibition are a life-sized ring toss game by Abel Barroso making citizenship a game of chance, a lifelike series of bright yellow innertubes made of inflated steel by William Cannings, a series of haunting dolls by Mariana Monteagudo, a set of Ping-Pong balls depicting world leaders by Sandra Ramos among other works.”

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