Cuban American artist Alex Nuñez creates mural “First Light”.-

“Alex Nuñez traveled aboard Star Legend from Lisbon to Miami in order to create a new mural. The mural is titled “First Light” [and it] is inspired by the artist awakening to the sun rising on the horizon while at sea. “The hues of blue envelop the marine life thriving beneath the crashing waves,” Nuñez says. 

Nuñez is a Cuban-American mixed media painter from Miami whose work alternates between the floor and the wall, using spontaneous mark-making and bold splashes of color, she layers acrylic paint, glitter, crystals, ink and collaged imagery. Earlier Windstar mural installations include works from artist Magnus Sodamin on Star Pride, and we are nice’n easy on Star Breeze. All muralists were selected by Fountainhead Arts, a Miami-based arts organization dedicated to elevating and supporting artists.”

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