ICA Miami is proud to present Carlos Alfonzo: Late Paintings. This exhibit brings together over a dozen paintings from 1990’s the artist’s final year of production. Relying on an established exhibition and research practice of delving into significant periods in artists’ work, ICA Miami takes a deep and definitive look at the final series of works in Alfonzo’s oeuvre. 

Alfonzo’s identity as a gay Cuban man and an artist is highlighted through “Carlos Alfonzo: Late Paintings,” which opened on April 21 and will run through November 27, 2022. Covering two of the museum’s ground-floor galleries, the exhibition undertakes a detailed examination of the final year of Alfonzo’s life before his death in February 1991 from AIDS-related complications. Ten paintings showcase the realities of the artist’s gruesome battle with the disease, which would take his life only a month before his work was showcased in the prestigious Whitney Biennial in New York City.

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