Praga, June 16-26, 2011

Piazzeta of the National Theatre

Narodni Trida 2, Praha 1

At Piazzetta between the National Theatre and New Stage Theatre (ex-Laterna Magika) you will find a dwelling of thirty white cubes/black boxes. This architectural maze is inhabited by performative projects by scenographers, performers, choreographers, film directors, drama theatre, installation artists, fashion designers, writers, painters…

It’s a live exhibition that will talk to you only if you talk back to it. This living and breathing exhibition will tell you stories, and the more time you spend there the more it will speak to you. It will teach you to dance, and it will ask you to listen. It will require positioning and it will let you get lost. If you are afraid of intimacy – you better not enter.

Guerra de la Paz  Box No. 16

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